Hiding Revit Family Parameters in a Project

In the various Revit software packages, it is possible to hide family parameters so that they are not visible in the family’s properties when in a project file.  This is often desirable for situations where the family creator does not want the user to even know that the parameter exists within the Revit family.  This can be helpful for keeping the parameter from being easily modified or just keeping the parameter area less confusing.  Parameters that are used strictly for calculation purposes are an example of parameters that may be hidden.  Parameters that are used behind the scenes to control visibility of objects based upon other criteria is another example of parameters that may be hidden.

Some characteristics of hidden parameters include:

  • Parameters that are set to be hidden can only be seen and modified by opening the family in the Family Editor.  These parameters will NOT be seen when choosing the Edit Type button for the family’s properties while in a project file.
  • Parameters can only be hidden through the use of Shared Parameters, and only Shared Parameters can be hidden.
  • The ability to hide a parameter must actually be done prior to adding the parameter to the family.
On the Aplying Techonology to Architecture blog,  Douglas Bowers writes all the above and the steps needed for the configuration of the parameter visibility in his article Hiding Revit Family Parameters in a Project
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