Forcing Yes/No parameter with If formula

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I could say that is a great find but the truth is that the information that follows is a derivation of other articles published on other blogs, wiki’s or websites.

Sometimes we are forced to use parameters of type Yes / No in creating Revit families is MEP, Architecture or Structure and control of this parameter via a formula is not entirely intuitive.

When we are in the situation of having to force the value of this parameter to True or False using a formula first tried putting a “= 1” or “= true” for true and “= 0” or “= false” to false but this does not work. There are several sites where they explain that these parameters obey the logic formulas as 1> 2 then this value will be True or 1 = 0 for a false value. The site that I like is the for examples of using these formulas, the like has practical examples and moreover is the Autodesk WikiHelp introduces us to the formulas available but with few examples.

In this article we take the opportunity to show you how to make a control parameter forcing parameter value Yes / No If with formulas and logical relationships.

Download family  yes-no forced detail family.rfa

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