BIM standards

CAD ​​Addict has published a collection of BIM standards in different cities and countries. In Spain, that I have heard, there are none but my faith is that soon someone posts one. I leave the list published in

Contry Wide:

  • Finland: Common BIM Requirements 2012(published March 2012)
  • United Kingdom: AEC (UK) BIM Protocol v2.0 (published September 2012)
  • Australia: National Guidelines for Digital Modelling
  • United States: National BIM Standard – Version 2 (Published May 2012) (need to login to access the PDF)
  • Singapore: Singapore BIM Guide

Other Public and Local Administrations:

Higher Education Institutions:

Architects’ Boards and Associations:

The same way as CAD Addict I ​​encourage you to tell us if you find any other standard. I hope this compilation will be usefull to develop a Spanish BIM Standard.

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